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Welcome to War of the Gods

For those of you unaware War of the Gods is a One Shot Series that is being broadcast on RoleWithThePunches and being run through the Facebook Tabletop RPG One Shot Group.

Each of the players in the game has created both a deity and a character that will serve as the chosen of that deity. Throughout the course of the game their character’s actions will have effects on the societies and cultures of the world and as their deities gain power they will effect the pantheon that exists for the world. At the end of the series we will have established both a pantheon of deities as well as a number of interesting locations that have the potential to be future adventure locales for other campaigns and one shots that I will run in this campaign world. So check us out on Youtube and Facebook, and if you decide to tune in I hope you enjoy.

The World of Dranoa

Main Page

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