Spade Andneuter

Chosen of Kharmesh, Jovial God of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, and Spring


Human Barbarian/Paladin

Character Sheet

Instrumental in ending hostilities between the Magi of the Twisting Sands and the Ramzar Royal Army, returning the Eye of Ascension to it’s rightful place on the Astral Plane.

One of the chosen who save the city of Steihmgard from the undead hordes that threatened to destroy it, and in the process returned the VItal Crown to the the gods in the Astral Plane.

Among the chosen to discover the hidden community of Cliffhome in the Redrock Barrens and return the Lacrimal Basin to the Astral Plane.


Padwick Oxford was once a Folk Hero of immense reknown, a huge proponent of his chosen god, Karmesh, and a peacebringer. He brokered for the independence of a city state and the surrounding lands that was constantly being annexed, and used as a staging ground for wars between two powerful empires. His actions called for the area to be considered neutral territory, and in exchange the farmers there paid tribute/taxes to both empires. It would have seemed a detestable agreement if it had not been for the fact that our adventurer actually came up with a huge advancement in agriculture in the way of creating a massive irrigation system that brought huge abundance to the land.

Unfortunately, after his great success, came his downfall. Unwittingly, during a conference between the nations, our hero bedded a woman he thought was but a mere chamber maid, but in actuality turned out to be a princess of one of the empires. Their king, enraged at the offense, used this as an excuse to wage war, not only on the opposing empire, but the city-state itself.

This mishap, caused his god to banish him from the clergy, and stripped him of all his powers and possessions; a heavy price paid for bringing war and strife where once there had been peace

Padwick retired to the mountain vale of Redcliff, gave up his name and became Spade Andneuter. He resolved himself to live out the rest of his days in shame as a poor farmer out of the reach of politics and the spotlight.

Until the day when Ramak himself perished, and Karmesh appeared to him, and offering the fallen hero a chance to redeem himself by claiming a long lost relic. Picking up the arms of days gone by, Spade Andneuter, ventured forth to do the bidding of his god once again!

Karmesh and Spade’s hope is to hurry and ascend the throne to quell the war of the gods, which, in his mind, will undoubtedly cause naught but war and strife for mortals, if not outright exterminating them altogether.

During his journeys to set right the wrongs caused by the War of the Gods, Spade has made many boon allies, including Sun Wukong Sun Wukong, a fallen god whom Padwick finds to be much like himself; Mezrath the Brazen, a copper dragon whom Spade has brought to his own homelands and helped settle into the area now known as New Redcliff. In an effort to keep the peace, Spade has forged several alliances through marriage, and now has seven wives!

Gertrude the Ogrillon, A barbaric woman who fancies herself a pupil of Mezzrath in the way of fighting! She swears Spade is part ogre due to his green skin and great strength!

Sonja Oxford, the Red Rebel, a human ranger that kept alive the rebellion that Padwick started so long ago! Here, speaking with Mezzrath on the day of Redcliff’s founding and wedding day! She has idolized Padwick for years, and hopes to see him return to greatness. She is a bit dismayed that he isn’t all that bright, but is transfixed by his heart of gold. Her marriage cements Spade’s interests in restoring the common man’s peace during this war ravaged state of affairs.


Alianna, the pixie performer, a bard and guardian of a forest realm dubbed by her people as the Evergreen Canopy! Her marriage solidifying that the forest will not be encroached upon by the humans. Seen here in her “grown up” form, guised as an elf.


Bria, the Myrmidon, a mermaid paladin from a tribe that had been displaced due to the dam that Padwick had helped build to irrigate the lands of his people. Married to Spade to solidify the opening of the dam at regular intervals to assure the prosperity of the merfolk!

Dayonara the Dryad, a friend of Alianna and a protector of the Evergreen Canopy that has been watching Spade for years. Her marriage, is something more personal, though she also is interested in the protection of the Evergreen Canopy!


Sindrell, a green hag that has also been monitoring Spade. She is interested in sowing seeds of dissent, and has found prime opportunity be being a part of Spade’s life. Her marriage was meant to keep her from doing so, part of a promise to keep her at bay. She was only too happy to do so, figuring that Spade was a natural magnet for trouble, and all she had to do was sit back and watch. She is intrigued by Spade’s ability to remain a positive and happy-go-lucky guy, regardless of the situation, but thinks that it’s mostly due to his dimwittedness. She makes many demands on his time, and is more than a handful, but she has slowly begun to change herself, and is no longer as haggard and misshapen in appearance as she once was. Spade see’s her true form, though he hasn’t told her such yet, and has refused to rebuke her, thinking she just has a wounded heart. Seen here as first her illusory self, and then her real form.


Last, but not least, Gorgonzola! Yes, the intelligent green furred ox refused to be left out of the equation. She had been with our hero the longest, carried him into battle, pulled plow and tree for years. She was not going to be usurped by all of these women and demanded to be treated equally! Spade assented. . . what was one more wife to him at this point. . . it was a stretch to call this “animal husbandry”, but he didn’t want to upset his friend!


Spade Andneuter

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