Dark Talons

Chosen of Darnizhaan the Prince of Chaos


Drow Ranger/Warlock
He is 200 years old ,5’7" tall, 125 lbs and has cold steel blue eyes with Gold Flecks and white silver hair and dark copper skin tone. His appearance depends on his surroundings and objective he carry’s a Elvencraft longbow that he calls “The Master’s Finger” it is silver in color , he also has 2 short swords and 2 daggers and a hand crossbow. He despises the undead and large Lizards,Worms (Dragons) and Assassins. Dark Talons Likes to pose as the Duke of Ulduvai. He is a weapon master and highly Mobile even for an Elf. He is skilled in magics and the ways of the wilds and is a great hunter.He carry’s the TOME of DARNIZHAAN the writings of his greatness (this is the writings for his PACT of the TOME).He had made a TORC with a red chaotic stone in hopes and honor of his deity Darnizhaan.


Dark Talons Bio

Dark Talons was born in the surrounding area of the City State of Illumina, and as a young Drow hunter he fell in love with a young Gray Elf maiden that he found while he was on training as a hunter in the forest North of Illumina. She was hunting there also after several rendezvous they both knew they were meant for each other, but what they did not know was one of the Drow priestess in training found out about this, so to gain favor for her and her house she arranged for the female Gray Elf to be assassinated. Little be known to Dark Talons it was planned to take place when they were to exchange their vows love and bonding. During the ceremony the assassin quickly struck just as ordered, right at the moment that they completed their vows. A black poisoned hand crossbow bolt struck her in the heart and she died a slow and painful death as the instructions that were given, so to make the pain the greatest for Dark Talons for betraying his own race with wanting to mix and dilute his Drow Blood with one of such a lesser stature. Dark Talons swore on her dying breath that he would make all who did this to them pay dearly for this treachery. So one day while following a set of leads in a mountain complex he was struck down with a similar black crossbow bolt, while slowly dying he saw a dark image that looked as a BLACK as the night. A warrior King wearing a helm that He rarely removes and his +2 black plate armor is blacker than the winter night’s sky and wears a blood red cloak that gets redder when he gets a new soul for his cause. He also wears a blood red belt around his waist and a ring on his left hand with a huge blood red ruby set in it. His Symbol: A jet black two handed sword with a blood red ruby in the pommel sits upon his chest of his plate armor with a full sized version strapped to his side and on his shield is the same Great Sword. He heard in his head little one I can save and help you in your quest if only you are willing to serve me and my mission and while gasping for my last few breaths, I ask how and why he would do this for me. He said I too has felt loss and all you have to do is sign this contract with your blood and I will then be able to help you. So Dark Talons asked will this let me destroy my enemies and he hears a strong and loud yes ring in his head so with that he signed the contract so to be able to continue his path of justice and revenge on those that has caused him such great pain and suffering. He signs and as he does he feels the strength enter his body and feels the poison exit his body and, is told that his saviors name is DARNIZHAAN “Prince of CHAOS”. What Dark Talons sees when he signs is that his saviors belt, cloak and the ruby ring all glow blood red when he signs the contract. He arises and is told that it was the drow priestess and her house that gave him such pain and at that moment Dark Talons begins to despise his people’s culture. Dark Talons is also looking for his cousin Waylander ”The Willy” to see if he has seen or heard anything from that priestess’s house. Dark Talons has a strong disdain and dislike for assassins and those that hire them. Dark Talons is then given to him by his Master a great TOME named the “TOME of DARNIZHAAN” with the writings of his greatness as the Great Old One.
Has recovered the Terra’s Brace, a relic capable of giving it’s possessor the ability to bend the element of earth to their will. While doing this being totally focused on his revenge for his dead wife he destroyed the Lands and many other lands when he misty stepped to get the Brace for Darnizhann the Shard Lands fell to the seas from the sky and created a tidal wave of GOD sized devastation and Chaos Making Darnizhann happy and stronger by allowing Chaos to begin to rule once again, in his strength as Prince of Chaos the world is seeing evidence of his strength and relevance to the mortals of their need to worship him so to find his favor. DARK TALONS is becoming the voice of and for the Prince of CHAOS in the world to show chaos has a strange creative order…lol Dark Talons gathered a group of Grey Elves and 1/2 Elves to battle the Orcs and a dragon and purple worm and was named by his men Lord Dark Talon and has started honoring his slain wife and his father in-law SilverSpoon with this victory.

Dark Talons

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