War of the Gods

Session 5: The Sash Among th Shards


Aronaous, Darnizhaan, Mook, and Helena look on as Dark Talons, Kronos, Sun Wukong, Tyroshi Nailo, and Radalyn make their way into the shard lands. Little did they know that an old “companion” was also on their way to find the relic hidden within the Shardlands. As Master Brixbane, Ringmaster of Brix’s Tricks and Treats waylays them chariotted by a demon crewed airship that is held aloft by a great astral shark.

Session 4: Mantle in the Metropolis


Zeratul, The Guider, Qwainzith, and Kalania are forced to watch as Keighvin Silverhair, Keighvin Silverhair, Sir Tragan, the Stonebloded/Kromdor Grimaxe, Theren, and Sebastian seek to restore order to the city of Ze. Stuck in a plane shifting loop between the Feywild, Shadowfell, Ethereal and Material Planes, the chosen discover the source of the disturbance. Hostilities ensue as the discovery that the relic has come into the possession of Yugoloth mercenaries which currently hold the city is made, and tensions run high as dissension brews between the chosen. How much longer will the shaky truces put in place to recover the relics of power last.

Session 3: The Bowl in the Barrens


Mook, Qwainzith, Kharmesh, and The Guider watch in Amok’s gazing pool as Sir Tragan, the Stonebloded/Kromdor Grimaxe, Spade Andneuter, Sun Wukong, Tyroshi Nailo, and Sebastian search Red Rock Barrens for the Lacrimal Basin. Waylaid during their search, Omni the God of Artificial Life, makes his Chosen known as the indomitable Core Mind and his automaton forces attempt to crush the chosen. Beaten back they are forced to take refuge in a strange hidden oasis community. Discovering that The life force of the community is the Lacrimal Basin itself, the chosen are left with a difficult decision of what to with the denizens of the community when the water runs dry.

Session 2: Crown in the Countryside


Tensions ensue between Zeratul, The Gentleman Caller, Kharmesh, and Ena in the Colosseum of Souls. Meanwhile in the Material Plane Bickeo Yersumada, Spade Andneuter, Theren, and The Freeman set out to find the undead menace in the countryside terrorizing the city of Steihmgard. They discover the vampire Julian Vosmus has established a foothold in a fortress lodge that long ago belonged to an order of knights known as the Feldritters. After a long and arduous battle they managed to defeat Julian and retrieve the Vital Crown for the gods in the Astral plane, and leaving Julian Vosmus as an agent in service of The Gentleman Caller.

Session 1: Eye in the Desert


The gods Grimgrin, Helena, Mook, and Kharmesh watch on as Kronos, Master Brixbane, Ringmaster of Brix’s Tricks and Treats, Sun Wukong, Spade Andneuter, and Tyroshi Nailo work their way through war torn Ramzar. With great skill and a bit of luck they managed to defeat the Grand Magi from the Order of the Twisting Sands bringing their hostilities with the Ramzar Royal Army to a close. In the process they also managed to retrieve the Eye of Ascension, sending it back to it’s rightful home among the Gods on the Astral plane.


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